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Carta do Secretario da Associação Mundial de Psiquiatria Cultural.

Dear Marcos,

I am delighted to let you know that you had overwhelming support in the WACP ballot to join the board as a representative of the Central and South America region. Your participation will enable WACP to have four members of the board representing Central and South America. Together with the Executive Committee members, I am looking forward to welcoming you to the board and having an opportunity to work together in the next phase of development of WACP activities.

I am writing at this time to request confirmation of your interest and commitment to take on this role in WACP. As you know, board members are responsible for the governance and development of the organization. They participate in conference calls 4-5 times a year and in two in-person meetings during the World Congresses. The next congress will be held in Rotterdam in 2021; there will also be an International Congress in Shanghai in 2020, co-sponsored by WACP. Board members are also encouraged to form specialized subcommittees as needed to carry out the work of WACP. A key role is to promote participation of mental health professionals from their region in the development of WACP activities. Board members serve for three years and can be re-elected for one additional three-year term immediately following. After that, candidates have to sit out one cycle before they can run again.

We are planning an announcement of the supplementary election results by the end of April, followed by the convening of a virtual meeting of the full board in May. I would appreciate receiving your confirmation, together with a picture to include in the announcement and webpage, this week.

I look forward to meeting in person and working with you to strengthen WACP.




World Association of Cultural Psychiatry

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